Posted January 22, 2006

Over on LiveJournal, someone posted a picture of Batgirl. Then, his friend did the same. Then his friends did the same. Thus was started a meme.

Batgirl just wants to get home and relax

After looking at about 400 different Batgirls, there was pretty much no way I could not also draw a Batgirl. Only, I'm not too much of an artist, as my prolific output here on can easily attest.

Oh well. It was fun, and it got me off my (artistic) butt. No apologies for the low quality of the drawing, that was part of the point -- draw it up and get it posted.

The drawing was done with mechanical pencil on from-the-recycling printer paper (bonus trivia: covered with raw Postscript on the other side!). It was "scanned" via digital camera, and cropped and colored in The GIMP.

- Ian Johnston (reaper [at] obairlann [point] net)