Dangerpants Labs ADI Disclaimer

The short version

Don't sue me. This thing has never been tested for use in an airplane, and is absolutely unsuitable as a flight information source. It's a toy. Don't get yourself killed pretending it's not.

The real version

The Dangerpants Labs Air Data Instrument (ADI) is a novelty instrument, designed and constructed by an untrained, hobbyist electrical engineer for use as a novelty. As such it is specifically NOT INTENDED FOR USE ON AIRCRAFT or IN ANY SITUATION WHERE HUMAN LIFE MAY BE JEOPARDIZED BY ITS USE.

The ADI is not offered as a kit or as a completed product, only as a set of plans, available for free via dangerpants.com.

The ADI has never been tested for accuracy or reliability. It was not designed with any purpose other than as a novelty. Although it claims to report altitude, airspeed and vertical speed, no attempt has been made to verify the accuracy of this data. No attempt has been made to ensure the device will work as described.

Federal Aviation Regulations control the installation of equipment in any certificated (non-experimental) aircraft. The FARs specifically prohibit the installation of uncertified flight instruments, such as the Dangerpants Labs ADI, in certificated aircraft. You risk license suspension or revocation, fines and/or prison time if you violate the FARs.

By building this device, you agree that it is only to be used as a NOVELTY, and will UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BE USED AS A PRIMARY FLIGHT INFORMATION DISPLAY. By building a copy of the Dangerpants Labs ADI, you assume ALL RESPONSIBILITY for its use, as well as agreeing to INDEMNIFY and HOLD HARMLESS Dangerpants Labs, also known as Ian Johnston. This agreement shall be binding upon all heirs and assigns.

If you don't agree to any of these terms, do not build, install, or purchase an ADI.