The Beast Within
Based on an inspiration from the 2005 Open Circle production of Lovecraft: ARKHAM

Devon vs. the Agents
A short story I wrote in early 2005.

Love Potion
A short, moderately smutty story I wrote in 2009 to be read at Annex Theatre's monthly cabaret show, Spin the Bottle.

Troublesome Cargo
My first NaNoWriMo novel, minimally edited. Sci-fi, 2006.

My second NaNoWriMo novel, unedited. Near-future fantasy, 2007.

The Curious Adventures of Heinrich von Klausheim
My third NaNoWriMo novel, unedited and unfinished. Steam-era historical fantasy, 2008.

NaPlWriMo 2009 (better title coming some day)
My first attempt at writing a play for NaPlWriMo. Moderately well edited, probably ready enough for reading/workshop. Time-travel adventure, mostly set in 2010/modern era, written 2009.

Kotoru Sets Out - an Adult Fairy Tale
A fairy tale that ended up being pretty adult-themed, following the adventures of Kotoru, a Hengeyokai as he explores San Francisco. Explicit, and not for children. Originally read at Annex Theatre's Spin the Bottle cabaret on February 3, 2012.

Sight: ASCII text or EPUB format
My fourth NaNoWriMo novel. Unedited first draft. Modern fantasy set in Seattle, written in 2012.

Iron - the sequel to Sight
My fifth NaNoWriMo novel, and the second book of the as-yet unnamed trilogy that contains Sight and Iron so far. Note: Iron is still largely unedited.

Copyright © 2005-2012 by Ian Johnston, all rights reserved.

A collection of my better photographs

"Batgirl just wants to get home and relax"
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Underpants! MP3 format
Brought to you by the Textile Board of America and Dangerpants!
Underpants! is Copyright © 2003 Ian Johnston, all rights reserved

"Cameron prepares to butter up the developers"
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